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Hotel Goldener Anker - Tradition - History

Tradition Kept Alive

“Tradition doesn’t mean keeping of the ashes,
but preserving the embers.”

According to this motto, Family Graf is running today the hotel.
The hospitality tradition of the family, having lasted for 13 generations,
reaches back to the 16th century.

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Butchers and Free Citizens

In this beautiful historic building in the “Opernstrasse” we provide, like in the previous centuries, sophisticated services in the hotel and in the restaurant based on experience and much discernment.

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Hospitality - Today and in the Past

Already in the 16th century, our house in the “Opernstrasse” received the inhabitants of Bayreuth who appreciated its hospitality and the fine beer. The history of the Family Köhler, one of the most ancient families of the town, can be traced back as far as the year 1500, when it obtained the publican and brewery licence. The ancestors were cited in the chronicle as “butchers and free citizens of the town”.
The cellar of the main building and parts of the annex buildings, initially used as pig stable and as store room for the beer,
still bear witness to that period

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Horse Power

Here, we encounter again the Markgräfin Wilhelmine. When the princess had the opera house built, she provided the same beautiful sandstone bricks to the neighbouring homeowners of the “Opernstrasse” for the reconstruction of their houses with the aim of creating a “magnificent boulevard”. Thus the “Köhlers’ Inn” was converted by the middle of the 18th century from a humble gabled house into a sumptuous Prussian palace. In the wake of the refurbishment the owner family received in 1753 a “noble gift”:
the hotel licence along with the name “Goldener Anker” (golden anchor). At that time the inn had been a coaching house, where the coaches stopped in the courtyard to care, to feed and, if there was need, to change the horses.

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Art Deco Style

The name of our house bears witness to the margravial passion for waging sea battles on an artificial lake, especially created for this purpose in the still authentic and interesting borough “Sankt Georgen”. Already in 1841, the Hotel “Goldener Anker” was lauded in the oldest guide of Bayreuth as a “clean, spacious and elegant” house. Less than fifty years later, the house was referred to as the most renowned hotel at Bayreuth, being then frequented by duchesses, princesses and queens. And the noble feasts were quite opulent, including Russian caviar, Rhine salmon “à l’anglaise”, veal rolls (“Kalbsvögel”) and Pomeranian goose breast, like, for example, on the occasion of the birthday of Prince Regent Luitpold towards the turn of the century. Yet, the humble inhabitants of Bayreuth were also served exquisite food. Today’s appearance of the restaurant of the Hotel “Goldener Anker” was essentially marked by the local architect Adolf Schmoll, who refurbished profoundly the ground floor in 1927 and decorated it in the “Art-Déco” style.
The demanding guest is still amazed by the stunning interior of the rooms, which have preserved their attractiveness until today.

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The hotel, built with “margravial sandstone” like the neighbouring world wide famous opera house (designed by Giuseppe and Carlo Galli da Bibiena), has accommodated noble guests for two centuries. Being shielded by the coat of arms of the Hessian Grand Duke, the hotel has been appreciated by guests from all over the world as their familiar temporary home. Today the Hotel “Goldener Anker” is still a privileged “anchorage” for many visitors during their stay at Bayreuth.

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