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Hotel Goldener Anker - House Ghost

The Hotel “Goldener Anker”
boasts several centuries of history in its century old walls.
The entire house is filled with a gentle nostalgic breeze, which makes of the building a wise stony witness of recent and ancient history.

You might suppose that such old walls are likely to be haunted by some mysterious and spiritual being.
This spirit likes to be tracked down. Doing this we become aware that the walls of the aura-filled building house indeed such a phenomenon.
Lodging in the house, he accompanies the people, keeps watch and perhaps even jokes about the guest and the landlords, playing some little funny pranks on them.

Of course, provided that the ghost is in a good mood
and provided that his existence is respected. With much charm and perseverance he persuades and enchants the suspicious ones …
And with a bit of luck we can catch sight of him.
Many a regular guest of the house have indeed already recounted that it happens to be.

It may even occur, for example, that an open door shuts suddenly or that a supposedly closed door swings open, creaking.
Sometimes in the evening the ghost likes to share the enjoyment at a convivial gathering.
Once it happened that a properly polished pot containing sweetened
Earl Grey poured its fine content as if by magic into a tea cup.
Afterwards the only noise which could be heard in the room was the joyful slurping.

Is the “house ghost” a fantasy?

Not at all, given that the spirit has lodged in the house for such a long time, suffering patiently all the time new generations with their special quirks.

No, he doesn’t want to be a scaring ghost.
He is and always was a gentle spirit, an old stager who exhorts to a halt, who observes the events with some distance and comments them in his very personal way.

Thus he is a ghost “of the old school”, a being without e-mail address
and mobile telephone.

What a blessing in our modern times!

© 2011 Hotel Goldener Anker Bayreuth