Our chef

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Meet our chef

To ensure that we offer our guests only the best, we place our trust in the experienced hands of our chef. In a short interview, he gives you an insight into his culinary skills and what fascinates him about his job.

For some time now, the dishes at the Golden Anchor have borne the
signature of the charming chef, Sebastian Constantinescu. When he decided several years ago to embark on an apprenticeship as a chef, he chose the Goldener Anker in Bayreuth. The family feeling and the traditional house convinced him immediately, he explains. The young chef himself comes across as a reserved person, but focused and intent on delivering perfection in the workplace.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly in his kitchen, organisation is his top priority. This system pays off especially during peak hours. His personal
interest in fresh products and sustainable culinary practices is well reflected in the selection of his dishes. In order to meet the demands of his customers, he is inspired by special requests and fulfils them without exception. His open-minded nature also inspires him to create new dishes.

I place great value on tradition and also look to classic cookbooks for inspiration.

Our chef