Opera house

Außenansicht Opernhaus

Our neigh­bour: the UNESCO World Cultural Heri­tage Site, the Margra­vial Opera House in Bayreuth

In 1753, the current main buil­ding of the hotel was built from Fran­co­nian sandstone.

The archi­tec­tural plans of Margra­vine Wilhel­mine and her generous 
dona­tion of sand­stone blocks made it possible to build the Anker House as part of the baroque ensemble surroun­ding the UNESCO World Heri­tage Margra­vial Opera House Bayreuth.

The present hotel garages stand on the site of the original stables, and the hotel’s entrance hall was a carriage entrance for horse drawn coaches until 1927. Coaches were stowed away for the night, horses were fed and taken care of, and exch­anged where necessary. 

The uniform worn by the hotel’s staff to this day, remi­nis­cent of a coachman’s livery, harks back to these times.